Day #5 – Sew-crastinating or Procrasti-sewing

Either way you want to say it, I did it on the fifth day of my sewing challenge. I married the Big Banana some thirty-plus years ago.  I thought the sweetest, most loving thing would be to use my sewing skills for him. He finally agreed to letting me make him some boxers, or one… Continue reading Day #5 – Sew-crastinating or Procrasti-sewing


A Survey for Sewists

I want to know how sewists use digital sewing patterns.  I wonder what my potential customer's expectations are, what they expect to see within my digital pattern.  I also wonder "what are the little things that annoy my potential customer about digital patterns".  How can I make my patterns better so my customers will keep… Continue reading A Survey for Sewists


What Digital Pattern Customers Want

There are courses and webinars by the dozens out there to assist creative entrepreneurs produce, market and sell digital sewing patterns.  I've listened to and read most of the information they provide on how to build a successful creative business.  One chapter or session is always dedicated to identifying my perfect customer.  The exercise takes… Continue reading What Digital Pattern Customers Want

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When Two Worlds Collide

My day job is in an academic library. I'm a library systems person......a tech geek. I've spent 35 years in this environment. I have the unique ability to take technology and translate it into common words of one or two syllables. I am the "technology translator" in my organization. Please don't refer to me as… Continue reading When Two Worlds Collide