webcam_imageHi, I’m Aleeah.  I am a creative entrepreneur but most of all, a geek. I love technology and applying it to every part of my life.  My generation does not identify with the Millennials but having spent over 30 years on a university campus has offered me opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.  My day job as a systems coordinator in an academic library led me to spend a great deal of time working with technology and I love it!

In my former position, I was the person largely responsible for adapting academic library work to technology or adapting technology to the desired library workflow as well as teaching both the employees and the university community to use the technology.  Oftentimes, social media is the means that we used to communicate with the younger generation of today.  So I am fluent in geek as well as social media. LOL!

After retiring from the university, I struggled to find my place as a creative entrepreneur. I was at  loss until a light bulb went off and I began to “marry” my technology and social media skills with my hobby and creative side.

Now, I spend a lot of time working with creatives and other small business owners who have an interest in setting up a website and/or an online store and have no idea what or how to start. 

I completely understand a creative mind, having one myself.  The only difference between me and a furniture painter or sign creator is my creative medium is the internet.  I enjoy laying out a web page like graphic artists enjoy laying out a poster or flyer.  I love color schemes, graphics and photographs. I love to use technology to make work faster and smarter. I have a knack for explaining technology in words that an average person can understand.

Creating and managing websites and online stores comes easy to me after managing library systems with over 500,000 digital and physical items and over 10,000 users. I enjoy playing with data and drawing conclusions from statistics.

I am excited about the trends in online shopping this year. This will be the year that online shopping overtakes brick-and-mortar shopping and I want to make sure everyone is ready!

Projects that I have been involved in:

Max’s Smoke & Q

Northside Baptist Church

Kentucky Quilt Backings

The Messy Workbench



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