10959555_10100788954106959_3591954003635644856_nHi, I’m Aleeah.  I am a creative entrepreneur but most of all, a geek. I love technology and applying it to every part of my life.  Having spent over 30 years on a university campus has offered me opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.  My day job as a systems coordinator in an academic library led me to spend a great deal of time working with technology and I love it!

In my former position, I was the person largely responsible for adapting academic library work to technology or adapting technology to the desired library workflow as well as teaching both the employees and the university community to use the technology.  I implemented and upgraded countless systems over the years. I configured web interfaces and managed the library’s web presence. There was always a problem to work on; a glitch to be fixed, someone’s access to grant, statistical analysis to be reported.

After retiring from the university, I struggled to find my place as a creative entrepreneur. I was at a loss until a light bulb went off and I realized managing online library systems, one of which contained over 500,000 books, was similar in function to managing online stores. All it took was a little bit of research into payment gateways and best shipping practices and I realized that I had the skills necessary to work in eCommerce.

Now, I work with store owners instead of faculty and students. My library books have become products of all kinds.



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