webcam_imageHi, I’m Aleeah.  I am a sewist, a maker, a pattern designer and a confessed fabric and yarn hoarder. I am part of the Middle generation–we are the smallest generation and we do not identify with the Baby Boomers. Many of my generation do not identify with the Millennials but having spent 30 years on a university campus has offered me many opportunities that I would not have had otherwise.  My day job as a systems coordinator in an academic library has led me to spend a great deal of time working with technology and frankly, as is uncommon for one of my age, I love it!

In my position, I am the person largely responsible for adapting our work to technology or adapting technology to the desired workflow as well as teaching both the employees and the university community to use the technology.  Oftentimes social media is the means that we use to communicate with the younger generation of today.  So I am fluent in geek as well as social media. LOL!

Now, finally, a lightbulb has gone off and I’m trying to “marry” my technology and social media skills with my hobby and creative entrepreneur side.

This may or may not be an interesting journey.


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