The Problems with Pdf Patterns


I love the easy access to all kinds of patterns on the internet but I keep saying there has to be someway to make it easier. 

This is problem number one for me. Tape! It takes rolls and rolls, first of all. Tape has a different thickness and flexibility from paper. This makes it difficult to fold or roll or store patterns. 

Tape does not age as well as paper. It changes color with age and becomes more brittle increasing the chances the pattern will not hold together despite a use of yards and yards of it. 

3 responses to “The Problems with Pdf Patterns”

  1. I use a glue stick to just lightly hold the paper pieces together then trace onto thin, translucent non-woven interfacing, which is so easy to store. I used to use tape but the glue stick is so much quicker and easier.


    1. I like the glue stick idea. I’ve used one in other crafts and get it everywhere. I’ll try it on this. Thanks!


  2. Tell me about it! I’ve solemnly promised myself not to use pdf patterns over and over again:)


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