Day #2 – Fabric Shopping

img_3481This I learned: A vast majority of the population knows nothing about the fabrics they wear every day. 

Today’s sewing activity was a fabric shopping trip with a client to a nearby Joanns. We drove over an hour armed with a pattern, coupons and lunch money in search of knit fabric for a Cashmerette Concord or a Cashmerette Turner.  I did not realize there is so much knowledge involved in selecting fabrics.

For the non-sewist, fabric is a multitude of colors and designs. A non-sewist takes no care as to whether the fabric is knit or woven, machine wash or dry clean, lightweight with lots of drape or heavyweight and stiff. I never realized non-sewists were like this.  I am a third generation seamstress.  I’ve never known a day that I was not aware of the fabric content and care method of the clothes on my back; never not known what type of fabric a garment should be constructed of to be comfortable and wearable.

So, there in the apparel fabric section of Joanns, I conducted a mini private lesson on apparel fabrics.  Let me add, this is a lesson that is best taught in a fabric store because fabric shopping is all about touch and feel.  I honestly do not know how anyone less than an accomplished sewist can shop fabric online.

Let me just say, fabric shopping is my happy place!

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