Day #5 – Sew-crastinating or Procrasti-sewing

Either way you want to say it, I did it on the fifth day of my sewing challenge.img_3487

I married the Big Banana some thirty-plus years ago.  I thought the sweetest, most loving thing would be to use my sewing skills for him. He finally agreed to letting me make him some boxers, or one might call them sleep shorts or short pajama pants. I decided since I would be the one to look at them as he lounged around the house that I would have some fun with them.

I have collected fabrics over the years for him.  Bold colors, manly prints or any yardage that I liked that was funky and fun was purchased with no other intention than Big Banana’s boxers.

I routinely bought my standard 1 1/2 yards for my tried-and-true Butterick unisex pajama pattern.  Every time I tossed the fabric into the stash, I thought to myself I should go ahead and stitch them up.  I would talk myself out of working on the boxers and into a different, more interesting sewing project.  This has happened time and time again until Big Banana’s stack of fabric (or threadbare boxers) became too much to ignore.

Today, I noticed the stack and pulled it out for the sewing challenge.  Now, six pairs of boxers are cut and sitting on the machine for a quick whip-up.

This I learned: Twelve layers of stacked fabric is too thick for even the sharpest scissors. (Six works just fine!)

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