Sewing for Plus-Size Girls

When I published my post in the Curvy Sewing Collection about sewing patterns for those little girls who are outside of the boutique clothing sizes, I was convinced there was a large gap in the clothing market for these little girls.  The plus-size community has really received a lot of attention over the past year and is finally gaining the voice that it long has needed.  So what about the little girls?  I expressed my opinions in my CSC post and here we are, months later, and I’m feeling even more convicted than before.

I’ve spent several months researching children’s, specifically little girls, clothing and if you do not fit into the cookie cutter sizes, you are completely out of luck.  So, I am determined to design some patterns.  I have several designs in mind. I follow lots of sewing and boutique clothing stores and designers on social media.  I see what is popular. I have enlisted the aid of a your 6-year old fashionista and she is advising me on what is hip and cool.

If I can stay on task, I want to design a few garment patterns for those healthy, but above or below average, size.  We all know those standardized size charts are merely suggestions anyway.  Real people come in all shapes and sizes.

So, here goes.  I would appreciate any suggestions, links, information about those sewists out there that are struggling with sewing for children who do not fit into the boutique fashions.


3 responses to “Sewing for Plus-Size Girls”

  1. Good idea! Baby, toddler and children clothes resemble more and more adult clothes, skinny jeans for babies and skirts with tiny waists for


    1. (oops it sent off too soon) toddler girls with toddler tummies. I’ve sewn dungarees and A-line dresses with high waists for my girl, as skirts and pants used to slide down her tummy. Best of luck!


  2. I would be totally interested in this. My baby is four now but based on her shape I can tell that she will develop fairly early and will be pear shaped like me.


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