The Problems with Pdf Patterns

   I love the easy access to all kinds of patterns on the internet but I keep saying there has to be someway to make it easier.  This is problem number one for me. Tape! It takes rolls and rolls, first of all. Tape has a different thickness and flexibility from paper. This makes it… Continue reading The Problems with Pdf Patterns

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Sewing for Plus-Size Girls

When I published my post in the Curvy Sewing Collection about sewing patterns for those little girls who are outside of the boutique clothing sizes, I was convinced there was a large gap in the clothing market for these little girls.  The plus-size community has really received a lot of attention over the past year… Continue reading Sewing for Plus-Size Girls

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When Two Worlds Collide

My day job is in an academic library. I'm a library systems person......a tech geek. I've spent 35 years in this environment. I have the unique ability to take technology and translate it into common words of one or two syllables. I am the "technology translator" in my organization. Please don't refer to me as… Continue reading When Two Worlds Collide


New Online Pattern Magazine from Collette Patterns

Collette Patterns is almost ready to roll out its new online digital pattern magazine. Use this link to get on their email list. Seamwork from Collette Patterns I've not been fortunate to use any of their patterns yet, especially the much-loved Moneta, but I hope to in the future.  And I'm very excited about the… Continue reading New Online Pattern Magazine from Collette Patterns