Aleeah Mc

Hopefullly, you found your way here because you are curious about either who I am or what I do. Let’s not beat around the bush…..

I help handmade business owners make money online.

Are you an artist who wants to sell your handmade items but you don’t know how to start?

I can help with that!
Creative minds struggle with the skills required to run a business in the online space so don’t try to wear all of the hats, learn all the technology and do all of the things. That’s where my skills come in as your online business manager.

You have a handmade business online but it has never really taken off and you have a few employees.
I can help with that.

I can help with that!
I will be your strategic partner to tackle those things in your business you do not like to do.

Makers want to make….

  • …..not post on social media platforms.
  • …..not upload product photos
  • …..not plan marketing strategies
  • …..not write and set up email marketing series.