Aleeah Mc

Hopefullly, you found your way here because you are curious about either who I am or what I do. Let’s not beat around the bush…..

I help creative small business owners make money online.

Are you an artist who wants to sell your handmade items but you don’t know how to start?

I can help with that!

I can help with that!

You have a handmade business online but it has never really taken off? You have a few employees, or you need to hire a couple.

I will be your strategic partner to tackle those things in your business you do not like to do/

I can help with that! Contact me today and I can show you how much better your business can be.

Makers want to make….

  • …..not post on social media platforms.
  • …..not upload product photos
  • …..not plan marketing strategies
  • …..not write and set up email marketing series.