Initial Consultation – 30 min. – free

This can be in person or virtual. I always like to have an initial chat with clients over a cup of coffee or glass of iced tea. I introduce myself and want to get to know my client.  I want to learn what the client does or makes and why they do it. I will be creating a web presence that is representative of my client and their products and I want that image to be accurate.

Advisory level 

This is probably best referred to as a “Pick My Brain” session. I can advise a client on websites, online stores and/or social media. I can provide them with tips and tricks and help them think through some decisions, create processes, optimize their SEO and more. All of this allows clients to approach their website with a plan.

Starts at $50/hour.

Educational level

I can teach a client how to manage their own online store and assist them on their journey to creating their web presence. I will train the client on the use of a web content management system and online store platform. This is a hands-on session, either in person or virtual, where I am available to explain or teach the client whatever they would like to know. Multiple hours can be scheduled.

Starts at $50/hour.

Developer level – prices vary by project

The client provides access to the products and funding and I create and build an online store. I provide training to the designated person in the management and operation of the store from listing products down to shipping.

Packages starting at $200/month.

Management level – prices vary by project

I can create, build and manage a client’s online store for them. I can develop a package for clients who need this service based on products and logistics.

Packages starting at $1000/month.

Contact me and let’s get started. We can create a Services Package that will custom fit your needs.

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