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DIY Pattern Weights

Pinterest strikes again!  I've been noticing lots of pins with instructions on how to make your own pattern weights.  Pattern weights have always been a frivolous tool that never really found a place in my sewing tool budget.  Then, I saw the extremely large washers from a hardware store that appeared in my Pinterest feed one… Continue reading DIY Pattern Weights

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New Sewing Tool: Cross-Lock Tweezers

I have discovered a new sewing tool.  It is a set of tweezers that I found while digging through the surgical supply tools in a vendor booth at a quilt show.  But this is not any ordinary set of tweezers.  They have a "cross-lock action" meaning through some magic of physics both blades cross and… Continue reading New Sewing Tool: Cross-Lock Tweezers

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My First Seam Gauge (After 40+ Years)

I must be the McGyver of sewing. I've learned to take whatever is available and adapt it to my needs at that moment. Lack of resources, both financially and geographically, have always dictated that I work with whatever is on hand. This is a skill that is lost on the younger generations of today, by… Continue reading My First Seam Gauge (After 40+ Years)

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Mobile Sewing Center Of My Dreams

I have found the perfect mobile solution for my sewing needs!  Thanks, Happy Zombie, for your blogpost.  I've searched high and low for some sort of storage and travel option for my treasured featherweight and associated sewing notions.  My husband's shopping gravitates toward sporting goods stores and home improvement centers so I tend to make… Continue reading Mobile Sewing Center Of My Dreams

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Product Review: Clover Protect and Grip Thimble

My hand quilting has been on a hiatus for a couple years while I have been doing the whole "get healthy, get active" thing.  When I returned to my project, I quickly found out there had been a change.  My favorite thimble no longer fit.  I had no idea a 45lb. weight-loss could affect the… Continue reading Product Review: Clover Protect and Grip Thimble