Ravelry for Sewers?

Ravelry buttonI’ve had a Ravelry profile for a while now but I only used Ravelry for searching for free patterns.  I’ve been inspired by some of their recent Unraveled blogposts to flesh out my profile and actually participate in the whole yarn community.  And let me just say, it is awesome!  The functionality of the entire website is outstanding!  The sewing community needs something like this desperately.  I wish there was some way that Ravelry would make the code open source and someone with a less than genius programming knowledge could go in and brand the site and get something rolling for sewists……….I would love to but I have a day job. LOL

Now that the dear daughter’s wedding is over, I can go back to some major sewing.  Thank goodness for yarn projects getting me through the stress of that event.

4 responses to “Ravelry for Sewers?”

  1. I totally agree. I’m a rubbish sewer but reckon I’d be loads better if there was something similar to ravelry to find patterns. My mum is a great sewer and I know she’d love it!


  2. Try http://sewing.patternreview.com/

    They have a lot of the same functions as ravelry (if not all) and they have been around for a bit.


    1. I especially like the Ravelry project function that has a huge database of yarns and needles, etc. I have a Pattern Review account. It is my next profile to flesh out. Just so happens I had just finished a yarn project. Thanks for the nudge!

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      1. I also just remembered http://www.kollabora.com/ They have the ability for works in progress and include other crafts, like knitting!

        I think you can use patternreview to document your pattern stash but I’m unsure of fabric or other accessories we use. 🙂


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