Epic Sewing Fails

IMG_2273.JPGI hate when this happens! I could sew every day for the rest of my life and I’m pretty sure I would spend one-third of my time making these knots or fixing these knots. But they have taught me one thing–patience.

Time was when I would toss a project aside at the first sign of this problem. I soon grew tired of tossing fabric and never completing anything. So I taught myself to not give up. Was it easy? No. Was it frustrating? Yes. Did I lose my temper? Yes. Some days I had to physically clinch all my muscles to keep myself at my sewing machine. I’ve even practiced deep breathing exercises.

Now, after years of knots, I have a personal rule. When this knot happens, unthread the machine then re-thread the machine. Take a deep breath and sew. And the third time this happens during one sitting, I acknowledge that the forces of sewing are not in my favor and I turn it off and do something else the rest of the day.

Do professionals have these problems? How much of their time do they lose on such things?

3 responses to “Epic Sewing Fails”

  1. Oh wow, how frustrating. I sew often and don’t run into this. I will say that if I let my machine it for a while (like a year) then it seems to take me a while to dial in all the settings, stitches are loose or bending needles and what not. But it seems like your hobby should not be this frustrating. Sorry to hear

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    1. Some times I can sew for days and days and it doesn’t happen which makes me very happy.


  2. I hate when this happens! But you have the right way to go about it. I do the same thing. If it happens too many times in a row and I’ve tried all I know how to fix it, if it doesn’t work I will just stop for the night

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