Neon Forest Patch Bag

Here is the Patch Me If You Can bag from Tammy Tadd Designs…….modified! I took 3 inches out of the body width of the bag. An 18 1/2″ wide bag is just too big for me. And of course, I use prequilted fabric for the exterior, not patchwork.

I like several of the design elements of this bag, but they are proving to be a problem in functionality. I liked the straps and loop configuration but my strap knots keep slipping through the loop so I have temporarily fixed it by tying a knot. And that slips too. Either I carry too much junk (what would I have carried in an 18 1/2″ bag!) or my straps are not fat enough (go figure, didn’t know I had anything not fat enough!) or I just have high hopes……I think I need to convert to a buttonhole and large neon button. I always love a chance to innovate and personalize. And this pattern has definite potential.

This project sets me back a little. I have a prize piece of Indonesian batik fabric I had intended to become Patch Bag #2, but now I’m not so sure it is the best use of that fabric. So…..I must ponder some more. Ahhhhhh, the creative process…….

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