Check It Out…..Literally

One more project done! A sweet girl graduated from high school, and although I don’t see her very often any more, I felt she needed a special gift. She is very into the current trendy colors of brown with green, turquoise and pink so a giant stack of coordinated fat quarters at Hancock Fabrics (the chain store) fit the bill. Then, what to do with them? I’m usually not so indecisive. Hmmm. The timing was perfect to head off to the AQS Quilt Show in Paducah in search of the perfect pattern. I found this pattern, Check It Out, by Pressed for Time Patterns. It turned out pretty good, if I do say so myself!

Now on to the next project!

Immediately after completing this project, I cut out the next one: a Patch Me If You Can bag from Tammy Tadd Designs…….only I modified it! I took a few inches out of the width (it was too wide for me) and I’m using two treasured coordinating fabrics called “Neon Forset” from Fabri-quilt (although I think that’s a typo and should say “Forest). Check back to see how this all turns out!

3 responses to “Check It Out…..Literally”

  1. Very nice and pretty.


  2. yay! That's my quilt! Thank you SO much, I love it! I have it on the end of my bed 😀


  3. Wonderful quilt. Love the fabric.


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