Crash and Burn

I had to take a break from the sewing machine to direct Vacation Bible School. Now that is over and its time to get back to hobbies! I love the purse pocket and the pursekets design idea. I bought a pattern at the last Quilt Show….spent hours making myself one… it, love it, love it. But HATED the pattern. And I’m telling you I can figure out most anything. But that pattern was awful. “To complete the large version, repeats steps 21-24 twice” and then “For smaller version, skip to step 34”. I kept losing my place and getting confused. I also could not get all the pieces out of the yardage that it required.

Needless to say, my second attempt at the purse pockets pattern for a version for a friend ended in a horrible crash-and-burn. I tried and tried and persevered and worked and only succeeded in making my blood pressure go up. So, I finally admitted defeat, wadded it up and threw it in the trash. (I pulled it back out long enough to take a photo of the horrible thing!) And here it is above.

Thus begins my search for a pattern for an equally useful purse insert with both better construction techniques and pattern instructions.

Bleck! Onward and upward to the next project!

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