Day #6 – Sewing & Podcasts

On the sixth day of my sewing challenge, I tried a sewing podcast.  I have never listened to a sewing podcast.  I have never really listened to any podcasts.  I feel like it is a medium that quickly become pushed aside by streaming video.  Recently, I “cut the cord”. I have become a “cord-cutter” in that I called up my cablevision provider and told them they could cancel my service and my $150 bill.

Being a person who is over fifty years of age, I have very traditional television viewing habits. I struggle with the platforms that Millenials love such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.  My entertainment viewing is mostly passive. I tend to watch whatever is currently running on one of my provider’s channels.  When logging into Netflix, I search around for an hour before settling on one movie to watch. Switching to Sling TV was big for me.

Cutting the cablevision cord coincided with the appearance of Cashmerette (I am a big fan!) on a new sewing podcast so I chose this opportunity to give the “Love To Sew” podcast a try. I downloaded the first three podcasts to my iPhone (Cashmerette was in podcast three) and popped my earbuds in while the grandbaby napped.

I want to say right up front: I am not a fan of podcasts.  I harbor no ill will against the ladies that produce “Love To Sew” podcast.  Honestly, my dislike has nothing to do with this podcast what so ever.  For so many reasons, I just don’t care for podcasts.  I have a huge list of reasons why I do not like podcasts. So, enough said about that.

This I learned: I do not like sewing podcasts and that is completely okay.




to like everything  sewing and that is perfectly okay.

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