Special Olympics-Ky Scarf Project 2015

SOKY15I believe my talents are a gift and I should give back whenever possible.  I’ve tried to make an effort to participate in the Special Olympics Scarf Project for several years.  I missed a couple of years.  This year, I was fortunate enough to run across the new color announcements for my state early enough that I could put a scarf on my crafting schedule.  This year’s Kentucky colors of Royal Blue and Yellow Red Heart Yarn were readily available enough, some even coming from my mother’s stash.

I see the SO-Scarf Project and other charitable crafting programs as an opportunity to both give back AND try out new techniques, new stitches and new patterns.  I know there are those knitters out there that look down at those that use the less-expensive acrylic yarns but I will use whatever my hands find to use.

Here is the 2015 scarf for Kentucky in the chosen colors.  I had another pattern that used a raspberry stitch for the scarf so I took that pattern and adapted it to a two-color stripe scarf that fit the requested dimensions of 6″ wide and 54′ to 60″ long.  I learned a new stitch and have provided a treasured item to those working the SO games.

Do you participate in charitable knitting projects?

For more info on the Kentucky Scarf Project:
Special Olympics Kentucky Scarf Project
Special Olympics Kentucky’s Facebook page

Ravelry for Sewers?

Ravelry buttonI’ve had a Ravelry profile for a while now but I only used Ravelry for searching for free patterns.  I’ve been inspired by some of their recent Unraveled blogposts to flesh out my profile and actually participate in the whole yarn community.  And let me just say, it is awesome!  The functionality of the entire website is outstanding!  The sewing community needs something like this desperately.  I wish there was some way that Ravelry would make the code open source and someone with a less than genius programming knowledge could go in and brand the site and get something rolling for sewists……….I would love to but I have a day job. LOL

Now that the dear daughter’s wedding is over, I can go back to some major sewing.  Thank goodness for yarn projects getting me through the stress of that event.