Truck Trash Bag

I’ve wanted to make a trash bag for my vehicle for many years and never found the time.  I’ve toyed around with many design ideas without ever really settling on one that spoke to me.  During some browsing on Pinterest, I discovered a tutorial from A Ditchin’ Time Quilts.  There is nothing that sparks my creativity more than seeing someone else’s design and realizing that is not how I would do it.  After a few days of thinking through the process, I created this little Bulldog bag.

Again, I should have taken photos through the entire design process but hindsight……you know.  This bag’s dimensions were based on the little bags that are given out at the dentist’s office… know the one they use for free toothbrush, free sample of toothpaste and appointment card?  Those dentist sample bags have been my trash bag for years simply because they are a heavier grade of plastic and have a neat little circle handle cut out of the bag that easily fits over door handles or cigarette lighters.

The bulldog fabric was leftover from some sleep pants that I made my husband.  Shhhh, he wasn’t too keen on my taking a photo or blogging about THOSE.  But strangely enough, the colors matched the interior of my truck.  This bag handle fits securely over my power jack cover button.  I used a short length of aquarium air hose in the casing at the top to hold the mouth of the bag open.  Although it is not present, I use a grocery store plastic bag inside this bag so that the trash can be taken out easily and will not allow liquids to leak out. A fresh plastic bag is easy to replaced since there are millions of them in every corner of our planet.

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