Jeans iPad cover

 This should be a tutorial.  I realize that now, but in the excitement of designing and tweaking and drafting and trimming, I really did not take the time to think of taking photos for each step.  Suffice it to say I bought myself an iPad.  I tell myself and my husband that it was so that I could be more mobile in my job and get more work done but I really think it was because I wanted to design a really cool tablet cover.  I’ve seen so many different designs. I have so many different ideas.  I can see the search for the perfect tablet cover could be almost as consuming as the search for the perfect purse.

So here is to trying to write tutorials and designing patterns.  I have the skills, I have the resources, I have the knowledge.  I lack the ability to find the time.  From now on, I need to make the time.

Notice the blog is stark white.  I removed the “trimmings” a few days ago.  I’m rethinking my brand.  I need to come up with something original and unique.  It is coming.  I feel it.  I have some doodles down on paper, like that really helps me in the digital world, but I still draw better with a pencil and paper. The universe is full of such a vast array of colors and we don’t do anything any justice if we use black and white.

So, good (colorful) things to come!

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