Another One in the Sweatshirt Line

After the recent success of the hoodie diaper bag designs, I wanted to return to the handbag designs.  AND, being married to a Univ. of Tennessee fan, I had to rid my house of this Univ. of Kentucky sweatshirt.  LOL!  And neither is the university that pays the bills every month! 

Anywho, this is a short handled hobo style bag made from a book of slouch purses.  It started its life as a youth hoodie.  I removed the kangaroo pocket from the front of the sweatshirt and reattached it to the inside, using it as a pocket. I stitched it so that it could be used as 3-sectioned pocket.  I reattached the label and fabric care tags inside the top edge of the pocket.  There is just something about having the care instructions with it that appeals to me. 

The plan is to put it up on my Etsy and send it far away from my home.  That’s not to say that more UK stuff will come into the house.  I’ve been getting orders from several states for the hoodie diaper bags and they are a variety of schools and colors.

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