The Making of a Super Hero Step 1

Clearly, our super hero cannot be seen in a Chicago Bears uniform. Being the creative seamstress that I think I am, I envisioned greater things for him.  I needed some guidance though.  What one image would both portray a superhero yet, be obvious to the general audience of college students that will be seeing him?  What better group to address my question than my co-workers.  This became the topic of casual conversation for about a week at work.  Finally, a decision was reached.  The upcoming blockbuster super hero movie, Captain America, became the obvious choice.  Its release will be shortly before our event and with that movie still on the minds of many, a costume and other accouterments reminiscent of Captain America should be just the ticket!  So, how to turn a football uniform into super hero costume?

Hmmm, no problem!

I will spare you all of the nit-picky details that I have labored through and worried over.  My inflatable was sewn out of nylon or polyester fabric.  If he was sewn together, then he can be altered by someone with some sewing knowledge and fabric.  Close inspection determined that his facemask was simply some fabric tubing tacked to his head with only 2 small holes open on the sides of his head for air intake.  A seam ripper freed his facemask from his head and a few machine stitches will close the holes.  Thus, no more facemask, removing on of the things that makes him a football player.

Then, on to his uniform.

When he is deflated, he resembles a flat pattern.

So, to make his shirt, I simply laid him flat on a piece of fabric and traced around him with a soap marker.

Once I had a basic shirt pattern, I was able to slash and cut it to add the stripes and color detail.

Stay tuned for the next step!

One response to “The Making of a Super Hero Step 1”

  1. He looked AWESOME in his new shirt!


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