Tootsie Roll Pop Anyone?

I have become a big fan of wristlets after being a total shoulder bag kind of gal for many years. But I’m a real snob about my wristlets. They must be the “perfect” size and shape and must be constructed for use, not fashion and must have a loop large enough for my ample wrist. Definitely not an arm candy gal. Function over fashion. My first wristlet was a successful project and has endured many moons of wear and tear. I’ve added bling to it since the blogpost as well as laundered it a few times. Now, I’m ready to branch out.

Recently, small reader glasses have been added to my list of daily necessities, along with medication and keys and cell phone and debit card. They do not fit into the other wristlet. I squished many a pair in there and broke them. Granted, they are only a couple bucks each but that is a couple bucks too much to lose and some of them made quite a fashion statement.

Then, my mother showed me the most recent issue of my favorite mag, Quilts and More with this featured wristlet. I couldn’t wait. I ripped the pattern insert out of my mother’s magazine and grabbed up this striped canvas that called to me from the remnant bin at Hobby Lobby last week. And here you have it! What do you think?

Another habit I have is buying kitschy keychains and cheap jewelry at dollar stores everywhere. And the colors in this bag screamed for this Tootsie Roll Pop keychain. Because you know, zipper tabs are always very tiny and hard to grab when standing at a checkout digging for the money or debit card. Now, every time I carry this bag, all I can think about is the age-old question: “How many licks does it take to get to the middle of a Tootsie Roll Pop?”

2 responses to “Tootsie Roll Pop Anyone?”

  1. Onnnnne…twhhhhooooo…CRUNCH!

    This is great! I love the stripes and the zipper pull!


  2. What a cute wristlet. If you ever decide to sell it, let me know. I love it. The colors are nice and bright. Great job.



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