Zac and Ashley’s Wedding Quilt

 A dear nephew married over 4 years ago.  We were unable to attend the wedding in Houston but remembered an idea his mother, my sister-in-law, had given me years ago.  So I set about making memory blocks.  I used a block from an Eleanor Burns book and pieced together muslin with several 30’s reproduction prints that I had left over from another project.  I boxed the blocks up and sent them on their way with my sister-in-law.  She distributed them, along with sharpie markers to family, friends, and guests. 

Each block was inscribed with a sentiment for the couple. Some chose to send them best wishes, some bible verses and some sent along suggestions on how to have a happy marriage.

My circumstances changed and life happened and I was unable to get the quilt together in a timely manner.  Then, the couple moved out of the country.  I was hesitant about shipping the treasured memories to other countries.  There were too many things that could happen to it. Then, they became parents.  And older family members passed away.

And as time often works things out, the young family was able to come state-side for a holiday visit.  So my little fingers went to work and in a flurry of pins and needles, here is their memory quilt.  It is smaller than I had planned but, oh well, best laid plans…… 

After one whirlwind trip to Chattanooga, the memory quilt has been delivered and presented to the jetset couple with their precious little boy.  And I have completed the last unfinished project that has been heavy on my mind for a few years now!

2010 was the year to finish several UFO’s! (unfinished objects)

One response to “Zac and Ashley’s Wedding Quilt”

  1. What a precious gift made by loving hands. Jimmy and I also enjoy the quilt you made for us 14 years ago (can you beleive it). Zac and Ashley will treasure that quilt for years and years. We loved your visit in Chattanooga, and get people stopping in the street, literally, to admire your handiwork (the beanie worn by Gracey, that is).


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