A Cautionary Tale

Prototype #1 – Kindle case/cover

The last day of 2010 and I still have one last project to turn out.  I felt this fabric and a kindle cover pattern I had purchased from http://www.etsy.com calling my name.  Everyone was gone, I had hours to kill before attending the church New Year’s Eve party and I had a potential product tester in mind who would be at that party.  So I set about with a mission. 

The pattern was not written as well as I had hoped.  A fact that did not go unnoticed by me.  If this person could write patterns and sell them on Etsy, then so could I.  So with thoughts and plans forming, I stitched away at this particular design.

This is a “portrait” type case, one that the kindle slips down in. I’m not convinced that would be the most serviceable way to carry this, but I don’t own an e-book reader.  So this version is by the book (or, in this case, .pdf).  The fabric was especially cute with the words being easily placed on the cover.  Needless to say, this went to together with a little difficulty that I blame on the pattern writing.  But, cute!, I must say.  And perfect for the person I had in mind.

Then, off to the party, where I spent some time sitting with my potential tester and chatting about reading.  She agreed to give this a try and let me know what her thoughts were.  I asked her to focus on some thoughts that I had, i.e., charging.  Would it not be better to leave it in the case while charging?  She promised to give it a try and let me know.

Early, on New Year’s Day, I receive a frantic phone call.  She was calling to see if I had perhaps taken the cover home with me.  (I left just as the karaoke and games got underway.)  It seems that she and her sister-in-law left the fellowship hall to visit the restroom, and on returning, found the case and 2 chapsticks missing.  Several phone calls were made to the clean-up crew and some frantic searching turned up nothing.  No sign of the case.  She is very upset that it disappeared on her watch while I laid awake several hours during the night redesigning the entire thing. 

Maybe it will turn up.   A lost-and-found message went out through Facebook but I don’t expect to see it again.  And I really don’t think it is spending its time as a kindle cover.  I figure the cute fabric and chapstick caught some little girl’s eye and she has taken home to keep her dolls or makeup in.  Such is life.  So, what is this a sign of?  Is it a subtle way of telling me that I am wasting my time?  Or in bu,ning the midnight oil (and brain cells) cause the old prototype to burst into flames of extinction in favor of the a newer, more improved model?

Just in case, I’ve snapped a couple of pics before this one spontaneously combusts or runs for its life.

See, I told  you it was a totally different design!

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