Waist Apron for Christmas

I thought the many restaurant servers in my life might get tired of the old standard black twill waist aprons that they wear day in and day out.  I set about trying to find a similar pattern to find that there is none.  Everything is a full-length bib apron/butcher apron style.  No longer!  I’ve designed a pattern and will be offering it in my shop soon.

Above is a photo of the first prototype.  I’ve never worked as a server but I can understand being particular about the design of the tools of my trade.  The aprons to the left were thrown back at me as not being acceptable.  The pockets simply MUST be deep enough to hold wrapped straws or the apron is worthless.  So I tucked my sewing tail and decided to now pursue the apron thing.  Until my husband, a local restaurant assistant manager, announced that he had 3 servers waiting on their holiday aprons using their required dimension.  So after a day of joy, and a day of re-designing and a day of cutting and sewing, I was able to produce 6 of the second prototype which you see in the photo to the right.  Fingers crossed!  These went to work with him today.  Let’s see how they work.

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