Mildred Pierce in turquoise & brown

I will be the first to admit this is a rush job but it turned out well nevertheless. A special person close to my family got married last weekend and I decided much too late into the engagement to make her a quilt. I debated over colors and pattern much too long, never really feeling like I had the perfect combination. But it turned out beautiful. The fabrics blended well but the four-patch pattern was nothing outstanding. And the sad thing is I determined the colors by sneaking a peek at the dinnerware the bride had registered at a local gift shop.

I finished the quilt 2 hours before the wedding yet attended the wedding without my gift. Good thing as it was coming a flood when it came time to go to the reception. Now, if I can get it wrapped and delivered by the time she returns from her honeymoon, I will good.

Oh, the Mildred Pierce reference is again, to the movie that was on while I worked on it. It was a black and white film so I have no way of knowing if Joan Crawford was wearing turquoise or brown, but I imagine a fashion great like Joan had them in her wardrobe somewhere. She was so stylish and was a good Mildred, the self-made woman that rolled with life’s punches but still struggled with her daughter.

2 responses to “Mildred Pierce in turquoise & brown”

  1. Beautiful IRL! I LOVE the colors. That floral/paisley type print is the bomb! Yay, brown & turquoise.


  2. I love it!! You are so talented!! Love the blue and brown!!


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