Fire and Ice

I find that I sew best when there is a movie on. Being a huge movie buff, I’m addicted to the two hour glimpses into other worlds and other lives. I prefer to sit in front of the TV in the evening and cut out the pieces. Then when I start construction, I like to be at home with a TV in the front of the house and a TV in the back of the house synchronized to the same movie channel while I move about from cutting table to sewing machine to ironing board. I did not realize until this bag that certain projects bring to mind the movie that I was watching at the time.

I was cutting out this bag last night while watching The Cutting Edge: Fire and Ice. I think this wonderful Indonesian Batik from Batiks by Design could go along with that fire and ice theme. It has deep red for fire as well as navy blue which could be thought of as an frigidly cold dark color. Also, there are parts of the design than could be similar to fire “licks”. The movie that was on while I sewed was The Flight of the Phoenix, the original best version. Elements of the motifs made me think of the ancient Phoenix as it rises from the ashes (fire again). So there you have it.

The pattern is nothing special…..something from a commercial pattern manufacturer, but a shape that I wanted to try, none the less.

2 responses to “Fire and Ice”

  1. Very interesting. How will you decide what to carry first? LOL. Can't wait to see this one too.


  2. I love, love, love your creations!! You are so talented girlie!! I want to see them when you carry them.


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