Rural King……..yes, again.

In some previous postings, I remarked that I found some treasures for sewing projects at the Rural King, a regional chain of farm stores. Vacation week would not have been complete without a visit to our favorite store and it yielded yet again some creative ideas.
It appears that Rural King is celebrating a 50th anniversary and commerative shirts were available. I search every time thinking that THIS time, they will stock something in my 4X wide-load size, but I always wind up sadly disappointed. I want to celebrate my favorite store’s anniversary, too! Then an idea struck.

I’ve made several t-shirt quilts and many of you remember the hoodie diaper bag that I made recently. So why not a Rural King bag? The whole plan came together at a quilt show fabric sale when this fun green print with sunflowers and holstein cows fell out of the pile. I even purchased a sunflower iron-on applique for effect.

2 responses to “Rural King……..yes, again.”

  1. Very cute!! We love Rural King!! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Egads! 1960-2010…you do realize we're almost at that GOLDEN time? Kinda scary when you see it in green/holsteins/sunflowers.

    Great bag anyway!


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