On a Roll Now with Another Bag

Making bags, for me, is like eating potato chips for most people. You can’t stop at just one. And this week has been not different. After the hoodie project was finished and blogged, I couldn’t stop. Next came the recycled jean bag that can be called nothing but “Hot Lips”.

Jeans are the main staple of my wardrobe and it truly hurts me when I must give up a pair as unsuitable for wear in public. So, remembering fondly the jean purses my mother made me in the 70’s, I recycled my latest cast-off pair of denims. There was not pattern, simply an idea of size and the best use of the pockets on the jeans. I couldn’t resist the lining fabric with the pink, purple and orange lips. It was a piece that I picked up on a fabric shopping trip with no plans in mind. The shoulder strap is the inseam of the jeans, backed with lining fabric.

I love Ed Hardy designs and hearts and wings and could not resist sticking this little heart “tattoo” on the front.

One response to “On a Roll Now with Another Bag”

  1. Love it! I suppose you'll be sporting that tomorrow when we get together? I might have to steal it from you when you're not looking!


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