Sweet treat bags

These bags are the cutest things! I visited Hancock Fabrics in Paducah during the recent Quilt Show to check out the bargains. I’ve been curious about Moda Fabric‘s and their brilliant plan to market fabrics as bakery items. I knew what jelly rolls were but I was on a quest to see a layer cake. I found jelly rolls, layer cakes and these – honey buns. Two mini honey buns came in a little box and were a special quilt show price. I snatched one box up and the box included a free pattern. The pattern is available on their website.

I liked the chance to use a fabric collection, especially in a colorway I would not have chosen of my own free will. But I dislike all of the little fabric pieces, threads and fuzz that fall out of the zig-zag pre-cut strips. Ugh! I don’t know that I will purchase any of this type product again. First of all because I am frugal and fabric collections are usually too pricey for me and second of all because I try to be unique and shy away from a standard fabric combination. And I found the instructions, while free, to be very difficult to follow. I had to read and study on them for quite a few days before, even getting out test pieces of fabric and trying to wrap my mind around what the instructions were telling me to do. I finally decided the instructions and the illustrations were leaving a step or two out. Once I added them in for myself and added a few basic construction steps (in red, of course) I was able to complete these two bags.

They are cute. I don’t know what I am going to do with them. They have no strap and are recommended to be used for toiletries. I guess I will probably find them a good home but as for the instructions, I wouldn’t have done it that way!

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