Regensburg door wallhanging

I had no sooner completed the “portfolio building” blog post when a recipient of some of my handwork appeared in my office to tell me how much he was enjoying his particular item. With the new resolution in mind (and the fact that he is a great photographer), I quickly thought to ask him for a photo. He was very generous to oblige. He is the Program Director for our university’s Study Abroad program in Regensburg, Germany. He had published a promotional poster with photos of interesting doors around the town of Regensburg. With that poster and photos fresh in my mind, I had created a personalized retirement gift for him in the form of a wallhanging of one of the doors. The elements of the door and the architecture are captured in stitching and fabrics. He uses it as a shade to block the sun from his computer screen so sunlight from behind it naturally lights up the fine details.
I’m so glad that it has a happy home and I have a photo of it to add to my collection.

One response to “Regensburg door wallhanging”

  1. This is a beautiful wall hanging. You do amazing work. I am in awe — definitely. I’m glad we’re fiber-friends. You teach me so much!


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