New Year, New Projects, New Plans

It’s a new year! 2009! It’s time to make the most of my time and energies!

Okay, enough of that. I’m trying to record (for posterity or just my pitiful memory and need to self-promote) all of my projects. Every artist has a portfolio and I have wasted years and years not cataloging my creations. There are some beautiful things I created and now don’t really remember. And how do you show your work when a client/customer asks what you have done? All of my things now have a happy home somewhere and are no longer in my possession. So here is to portfolio building. I hope to blog pics and keep a journal of items made and sold or given away.

A random call the week before Christmas was inquiring if I could make some scarves “just like the one you made me last Christmas”. Unfortunately, I never met this woman so I cannot remember what I made her. It was all handled through the DH. And it was so close to Christmas I couldn’t complete them. Then I received a call last week asking me to make them anyway, if I could get them finished before the cold weather was over. Thus, here we are, a week later and I have completed twin scarves in the local high school’s colors. They are gifts for teachers. They are the basic team scarf that I found in an older knitting magazine. This is one of my favorite patterns. The pattern is a K1, P1, rib that lays very flat and looks good and doesn’t curl. Done on my favorite “barbie” 9 needles, they went real quick. I plan to have a stock of the local high schools’ colors next year.

I hope they like them.

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