Bear Blankie

Boy, has this been a difficult year so far. I had all kinds of plans (and still do) for all kinds of projects. I have the supplies and the patterns and the tools. I need the time to implement the plans. But thanks to the Ice Storm of 2009, the faithful sewing machine breaking down and refusing to stitch and a horrendous bout of bronchitis and pneumonia, the only thing I have had the ambition to do is change the channel on the cable remote.

I was getting motivated after the Ice Storm with some baby projects when the sewing machine died mid-project. Some women do jewelry, some women do mani/pedi’s, some women cannot do without their beauty products. I came to realize that when my sewing machine is not functioning, the world ceases to revolve on its axis. When the husband lost his job last year, I was still able to cope because I could sew and sell things. But I’m telling you. I thought I was going to have to seek psychiatric help. And then my backup sewing machine refused to work. My mother, bless her heart, saw my anguish and offered up a couple of alternative machines of different makes and levels of functionality and it still wasn’t the same. I could not be satisfied. Had it not been for an important baby shower date looming ahead of me, I never could have finished this blanket.

The bear had such personality in his face and I loved that I could get the coordinating stripe with the polka dot fabric. The back is simply pale yellow flannel since there was no back panel. I love this one! And it went to a very needy home.

And yes, after 14 days of agony, the sewing machine has come home, healthy and happy. And then the bronchitis and pneumonia and ER visit and 3 days of bed rest. And I’m still not well! But I have the energy to raise up and gaze longingly at the stack of projects! Soon, very soon, my friend!

One response to “Bear Blankie”

  1. Too cute! I am SO glad your machine is back!


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