CreativeLive – a Discovery!

Facebook finally did something right! My Facebook Newsfeed suggested I follow or “Like” the Fanpage for CreativeLive. Normally, I don’t give these suggested pages a second look, but the words “creative entrepreneur” popped out at me and I was hooked.  Have any of you looked at this site?  Their website says they are “the world’s leading online classroom for the creative entrepreneur.”  They offer FREE, yes, you saw it correctly, FREE online classes.  The classes are grouped in several different creative categories, but the topics of each are so timely.

The free classes stream online continually.  I clicked on the website to see what classes were playing at that exact moment when I found the time to listen/watch.  By clicking on the RSVP, you can get added to the class to chat along with other participants or ask the speaker questions.  The handouts and workbooks are provided FREE, if you log in.

The sessions that I have listened to so far were very good.  The speakers were very knowledgeable and personable and interesting.  I’ve listened to The Art of Selling What You Make by Tara Gentile and Create Digital Products That Sell While You Sleep by April Bowles-Olin Both lessons take on the hard topics and lead creatives through the process from creating to marketing both themselves and their product.  The content in these courses is well -worth their standard $49 class rate, if you miss any of the current streaming courses.

Have you checked them out?  I challenge you to listen, do the exercises and improve your creative entrepreneurship.  Let me know what you think.

One response to “CreativeLive – a Discovery!”

  1. Just liked this and liked CreativeLive’s fb page. Thanks for sharing the info. I think it and yourself have much to offer. xx


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