Storm-Grey Kimono Re-boot

pacifickimonoIt came to me in a dream the other night!  I figured out how to fix the Storm-grey kimono and save it from being a total loss.  The ties were not lined up.  Oh, two ties were lined up and and the other two ties were lined up but it becomes painfully obvious that all four ties need to line up together.  I didn’t think I could ever move the one pair, but then it came to me that I could lengthen the collar band with some leftover scraps and re-attach the ties there.  It worked and now the kimono looks like a true Frankenstein with all of the ripped out stitches and re-stitching.  I’m hoping it will work as a backup garment. Time and a fitting session with the client will tell.

The client approved of another piece of fabric that I purchased with the kimono in mind.  It is an amazing batik that reminds me of ocean waves, both blue as water and sky should be and grey with detail and “grunge” that goes along with ocean water.  I opted to reproduce the treasured original garment rather than struggle with the ties and neck fit of the traditional one.  I laid the treasured kimono down on the ocean batik and traced the garment pieces using a white chalk marker and a bar of soap.  I added seam allowances as I went.  Being able to reproduce a favorite RTW garment is an acquired talent.  I have finally mastered it, I think.  Time, and fitting, will tell in that situation as well.

pacifickimono2Introducing, the Ocean-blue kimono.

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