The Big S

IMG_1895I succumbed to Pinterest’s siren song and purchased a large papier-mâché letter at my local craft store.  It was on sale and all of those Pinterest pins lulled me into a sense of confidence that I too could make a beautiful wall or door decoration out of some plain brown kraft paper glued onto a cardboard frame.  The fact that Dear Daughter is getting married in a month gave me a good excuse to satisfy both my crafting urge and my need for a decoration with visual impact for the wedding reception candy bar.

I selected a piece of fabric that matched the wedding theme and purchased a piece large enough to cover the large letter.  It should have its back side to the wall so there seemed no need to waste money and time on covering the back.  Mod Podge and foam brush in hand, I began adhering the fabric to the letter.  I soon found that I needed to work quickly and in small areas to keep my Mod Podge from drying too fast.

The front of the letter was quickly done and then it was time to tackle the sides of the letter.  Then it occurred to me.  All of my initials have always had straight sides.  It has always been easy to applique my letters or sew my initials because A’s, M’s, & L’s are straight in most fonts.  Dear Daughter is marrying an S.  I have never worked with curved letters before and suddenly it struck me that fabric does not fit around curves easily.  Using my best sewing skills, I whipped out a pair of scissors and proceeded to clip the curves.

IMG_1898I clipped and podged and folded around the entire edge of the letter.  Despite my best efforts, papier-mâché showed in the clipped curves.  I think that is unacceptable.  That will never do for Dear Daughter’s special event.  It is time to come up with another plan for the edges.


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