Digital Stash Management

I am a late baby-boomer, but I am an information specialist working in a progressive academic library.  So I’m more “millennial” than many others my age.  I get that. I am also an avid sewist, manic knitter and occasional crocheter.  If it involves a needle, I’m there.  I am tired of living in two completely separate worlds!  When is the sewing industry going to get a clue?  

There seems to be a huge sewing revival among the younger generations – the generations that do not go anywhere without their smartphone and know all the free wifi spots along their route.  They are blogging and posting to all forms of their social media about their sewing adventures.  So do you mean to tell me that they have fabric scraps taped to index cards  and photocopies of their favorite patterns in their purses when they go shopping?

I long for a means to create a digital stash……..something where I can have the patterns I own and the fabrics I own all managed in a website or better yet, a smartphone app.  I’ve been researching this.  I can’t seem to find that anyone uses anything.  The couple of apps that I have looked out are very problematic and don’t get the job done.  I’m currently testing one idea……more to come.

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