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When Two Worlds Collide

My day job is in an academic library. I'm a library systems person......a tech geek. I've spent 35 years in this environment. I have the unique ability to take technology and translate it into common words of one or two syllables. I am the "technology translator" in my organization. Please don't refer to me as… Continue reading When Two Worlds Collide

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Tips for Fabulous Fabric Photos for Sewists

As a #Sewcialist, it is inevitable that at some time in the future, I'm going to snap a pic of some fabric. It will be a fabric find that I want to share with my fellow sewists through my many social media platforms. Sewists often share photos of fabric. It might be a bargain find… Continue reading Tips for Fabulous Fabric Photos for Sewists


Digital Stash Management

I am a late baby-boomer, but I am an information specialist working in a progressive academic library.  So I'm more "millennial" than many others my age.  I get that. I am also an avid sewist, manic knitter and occasional crocheter.  If it involves a needle, I'm there.  I am tired of living in two completely… Continue reading Digital Stash Management