My Very First Label

10291267_518727338227539_2001256388388161428_nWhen I finally decided on a brand for myself and my creations, the first thing I wanted to do (after acquiring the services of a graphic artist) was to create my own fabric labels for my handmade items.  I sent my shiny new professional graphic image off the an Etsy vendor who crafted me my very own rubber stamp of my brand.  I love it.  And then it went in a pile in the sewing room and has been forgotten.  I sewed a few gifts, gave them away and had some regret they didn’t have my label.  But not enough regret to motivate me to dig out the rubber stamp.  I put stamp pads on my craft store list and finally purchased some cheap ones.  I recently stitched up a very cute little baby snuggle wrap for a baby shower gift and had to physically force myself to dig out the stamp, stamp some fabric, heat-set it using the method described in Crafty Blossom’s blogpost.  I made so many excuses on why this wasn’t going to work.  I don’t understand why it is sooooooo hard to do.  It must be fear.  Anyway, I have stamped and sewn in my first one.  The house did not burst into flames, I did not get struck by lighting and the baby swaddle blanket or label did not spontaneously combust.  So………it will be easier to do next time and as I get more comfortable doing it, I want to eventually design a yard of fabric labels at Spoonflower as in these instructions at Things for Boys blog.


Goal:  label everything I make!

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