Murray State Caps – My Version

IMG_1524One of the latest fashion fads in this little college town is m0nogrammed baseball caps.  Girls are keeping the embroidery business hopping by asking for baseball caps with a round or square monogram on frayed edge appliques.  One sewist is selling a lot of caps with the state of Kentucky appliqued on a cap with a heart embroidered over our small town.  Cute!  But I wanted my own version.  I had these cadet caps in my sewing stash for just such a purpose.  A friend’s birthday was this week so it was the incentive I needed to get these puppies done.  And I think they turned out exceptionally well, if I do say so myself.  Both of them found very good homes so I’m pleased.


One regret:  I forgot to put one of my labels in them.  But I did sign and date them with a sharpie.

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