My Bag Is So Bright, Ya Gotta Wear Shades

As promised, this is the confidence-builder project number 2: my orange Harley bag.  I have been trying to find a tackle twill hoodie to make a bag for myself.  I’ve calculated, sketched, planned and searched trying to find an appropriate hoodie and a final prototype. I’m finicky about my bags so this has not been an easy chore.  But, once I saw this bright, hazard orange and black Harley hoodie at a local Harley Davidson dealer, I knew it was the prefect one for me.  This photo does not truly capture the color of this bag.  It is bright hazard orange, the type of orange that you see on state road construction worker, the same color as traffic cones.  But I like orange so that is fine.  The photo is purposefully dark so that the reflective stripes show.  The hoodie was trimmed in Scotchlite reflective material and I’ve tried to retain as much of that as possible.  Notice the stripes on the sleeves were trim for the pockets which are the sleeve cuffs.  The lining fabric was another fabulous find.  I’m sure it was originally meant to be a open-weave fabric design but at first glance, it looked like diamond plate to me and that was more than perfect for this bag.

What cannot be seen from this angle is a large embroidered Harley Davidson on the back of the back.  It came from the back of the hoodie, not a problem I’ve had with the previous hoodies.  So, I simply moved the kangaroo pocket to the front which is where I wanted the pocket.  This bag is so roomy, it holds my Slate in the laptop pocket inside and even has enough room for the accompanying bluetooth keyboard. One of the cuff pockets on the end is large enough to hold my two-part power cord while the other will hold my phone.

And another design touch is to keep the labels and the care tags and re-attach them inside on the lining.

Ahhh, I’m finally happy!  I have a bag for me and my toys.  But, now, there are more hoodies to convert into diaper bags and messenger bags and that is just the beginning.  I have my design pencil out making notes on other pocket options.

Long live hoodies!

3 responses to “My Bag Is So Bright, Ya Gotta Wear Shades”

  1. I love this bag. When you're not looking…I'm going to steal it! But you know where to find me!


  2. Hi wanderin if your selling anymre of theses harley davidson bags??


    1. Hi, Choni. I don’t have any currently for sale. I don’t have any sweatshirts available in my area.


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