Glee, volume 2

In keeping with the Mildred Pierce quilt from a previous post, I had leftover blocks when Glee was completed. Leftover blocks and a new purse pattern plus a pressing need for a new purse caused me to create this. I added a black batik I picked up at Backyard Fabrics, a quilt store that I love but frequently forget. The basic design was my own. I kind of made it up as I went. I wanted this basic shape with a zipper and a long shoulder strap. The results suited me better this time than with Mildred. A friend carries Mildred Jr. now. I’m planning to carry this one and at least this way, Glee will never be far from me.

My purse is so bright, I gotta wear shades!

One response to “Glee, volume 2”

  1. Let me just say that you should not leave this purse unguarded. It will be mine!


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