All I Can Say is "Gleeeeee"!

This quilt just makes me happy. I have always loved this color even when it wasn’t cool. We called it chartreuse then. But now it is called kiwi or lime or acid green. Whatever you call it, I always have a shirt in that color. This is a graduation gift and hopefully by the time this posts, I will be able to track down the recipient and give it to her.

She is graduating from high school and she ALWAYS has on an article of clothing in this color. Always! So this color makes me think of her and how soccer cleats in this color really did not ever match her red and white soccer uniform but she didn’t care and wore them proudly.

I fell in love with the 2 border fabrics and snatched them up in April. Much to my surprise, almost every vendor’s booth at the AQS Quilt Show this year had a sample quilt made up in these exact fabrics and color combinations. So for once in my life, I am “in style” with this creation. And the pattern is a new twist on an old favorite. Its a Twisted Nine-patch I picked up from Eleanor Burns.

There is no movie associated with this one. But, I have recently become a Gleek (a fan of the TV series, Glee) and in order to keep up with the current shows, I Netflixed the first half of the first season So while singing along with the TV show, I cut and sewed this little jewel. I even splurged on the expensive machine quilting thread from the best company along with their matching appropriate titanium needle. The thread wow’d me because it was exactly a match to the green. But it broke every 6 inches, requiring me to re-thread the entire machine every time it snapped. No tension adjusting or bobbin cleaning or needle changing would produce better results. But even that frustration could not dim the power of this quilt to make me smile!

My quilt is so bright, you gotta wear shades!

One response to “All I Can Say is "Gleeeeee"!”

  1. I'm going to steal that quilt. Just so you can warn her. šŸ™‚

    I love it too. It's beautiful IRL!


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