Next Project: Margaret bag from Oh Fransson

Frantic, spastic and frenzied are the only words I can think of to describe my version of the Margaret bag from the Oh Fransson blog. This bag, and the previous bag, were made using fabric purchased at the 2008 Paducah Quilt Show. I had to get some of it out of the way before I could move on to the fabric and patterns purchased at the 2009 show. Using my Google Reader, I subscribe to several quilting and sewing blogs. along with other work-related blogs. I think it is wonderful that there are some brilliant designers out there willing to share their patterns and projects through their blogs. Thus the Margaret bag. The tutorial was excellent! Lots of pics and very well-written instructions.

I am becoming a pattern-snob. I find myself editing instructions that I printed off the internet with a red pen, like when I wrote an English paper and the teacher graded it with comments in red. But with this one, no red ink!

The fabric just screamed to me that it went together. I’m not sure anyone else likes them together. My mother sure didn’t. The bag is very roomy, has interesting patch pockets on the inside and yes, has a big comfy strap for my shoulder!

I will probably make this one again too, although maybe next time I will make the purse body a tiny bit deeper.

One response to “Next Project: Margaret bag from Oh Fransson”

  1. Yeah! I like this one too. And I like the colors. Very bright…which is pretty on you! LOL


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