Long Time, No Post……

Things have been busy trying to get the end of the Spring semester finished. I attended the Quilt Show in Paducah in April and stocked up on plenty of good ideas, patterns, fabric and sewing goodies. Memorial Day weekend came and with the husband at work and daughter camping, I was able to do some serious marathon sewing/quilting/crafting. I will post the completed projects as I finish up the handwork on them. I’m getting excited about using and carrying them.

First up, I have the Grab bag from Allpeoplequilt.com. It is a free pattern from a magazine published by Better Homes & Garden. I’m really starting to love their Quilts and More magazine with each issue full of all the things I love to sew….quilts, bags and accessories. This pic shows the first project. Although I despise handbags, this one turned out to be handy. I love the way the handles loop together and strangely enough, the looped handles then provide an easy access slot for me to reach in and grab my keys or glasses. It is hard to break the habit of trying to put it up on my shoulder!(I must wear purses on my shoulder to keep my hands free for shopping, carrying, or, better yet, catching myself when I trip over my own two feet.) The pic gives you an idea of the wild brown print that I used, but the truly fun part is the brown and turquoise and blue stipes that line the bag. There are pockets on the inside, but they are much too shallow to be worthwhile.

Definitely a cute bag! I will make this one again.

One response to “Long Time, No Post……”

  1. Oh my gosh – those bags are SO cute!


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