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Altering a Purse Strap

It is 4th of July week and I felt the need for a new purse.  I found a pretty snazzy, all-American one but it had a short faux leather strap.  I can never find purses with ample straps for my ample body.  Then it hit me.  I can sew! As a quilter I have a… Continue reading Altering a Purse Strap

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Sew-it…Today Magazine Pretty Little Pouch

I am always on the look out for the "perfect little bag" to carry various objects of necessity in my purse.  Generally, I find that they are all the wrong shape.  I don't want a large 4in. by 4in. square bag.  I want something long, narrow and easy to toss in a small purse.  (I… Continue reading Sew-it…Today Magazine Pretty Little Pouch