Sew-it…Today Magazine Pretty Little Pouch

2014-03-05 15.05.11-1I am always on the look out for the “perfect little bag” to carry various objects of necessity in my purse.  Generally, I find that they are all the wrong shape.  I don’t want a large 4in. by 4in. square bag.  I want something long, narrow and easy to toss in a small purse.  (I am not known for having the patience to pack a suitcase when going anywhere.)  I picked up the latest issue of Sew-it… Today magazine on a local newsstand.  Being a tech person, I have made the jump to “the cloud”, ebooks and mobile devices so for me to purchase an actual paper publication meant that there had to be something intriguing in it. 

Flipping through the pages, I ran across this Pretty Little Pouch. I could not resist it.  But I cannot follow instructions completely letter for letter.  I must add my own unique spin to everything I make.  That is the whole point of sewing, right? The cotton fabric and interfacing used in the article was nice but my thought was “what about some recycled blue jean denim?”  Everything in my purse takes a beating and needs to be as sturdy as possible. So here is my version:  recycled denim outer fabric which is sturdy enough I didn’t have to add the interfacing along with a kicky lining fabric that makes me happy and some vintage trims from the Grandmother’s stash.

And I love the shape!


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