My photo skills must improve!

Every “artist” needs a portfolio. Every craftsman needs to maintain a catalog of their works or at the very least, a catalog of samples of her work. I realize that. So I keep trying to make pics of completed items and add then to my “catablog”. But evidently my photographic skills have gone down the toilet. The last few pics I have taken have been fuzzy and out of focus – definitely not up to my high standards of excellence! But in an effort to capture images of my work, here is one, although fuzzy. These are a pair of wristers made from Coats and Clark yarn called Wiggles knit using the Wristers pattern in the latest issue of Creative Knitting. CK is a publication I dearly love. The patterns are great and practical. I loved Wiggles but it did not speak to me until the boss wanted a set of wristers for the wife. Then it screamed out her name. She is a musician, a pianist to be exact, and has several items that match them.

One more completed project! But I managed to pick up 3, maybe 4 more projects over the weekend. I have 2 prom dresses coming up for minor alterations and an adult Snow White costume! How fun is that!

Knit nite at M’s

There is nothing more fun on a cold January night than getting together with friends and having a Knit nite. Throw in a good pot of chili and you have a real party! We all got together last night and showed our skills and our completed items. We even had a fashion show, of sorts.

Its always fun to teach someone new to knit and that is what I got to do with the Princess. She was such a fast learner! She put all of us “older” women to shame. I enjoyed talking about projects we loved and yarn we hated.

I think we all enjoyed just unplugging from the rest of the world and just sitting down, chatting with friends and indulging in some handwork for a couple of hours.

Thanks, M, for a great time and I guess we probably need to thank the King for the chili!

Posted by PicasaBrazil Blue scarf
I just love starting new projects. It allows me to get my whole creative thing going on. A friend of my husband requested a knitted scarf from some yarn she found at Big Lots. I have to admit, I am jealous. This is a really nice yarn PLUS was a good price! I think it is coming along nicely. I should have it finished in a day or so. And I found another victim willing to let me convert their T-shirts into a quilt. This time, it will be high school Dance team shirts and bright colors. More pics later

Terrific Team scarf

I finally found the solution to the earlier scarf problem. In knitting scarves to sell, several people requested some in local school colors. I remember when those were a hot item to wear with your letter jacket. Evidently, they are not available any more. I tried to knit a few in garter stitch using some fancy yarns but I wasn’t happy with the results. Then I remembered a pattern for team scarves in an old magazine article. I stumbled across it and made this one up for my husband. (Go Vols!) It’s a simple knit 1, purl 1 rib on about 40 stitches and 24 rows per color band. All of the samples in the magazine were 2-color, but I think they can be made with a third accent color. There are 15 bands, starting and ending with the base color. Then I made the fringe 2 color instead of the base color like the samples. That’s me. Never one to go by the directions. I always have to be unique somehow. That is the fun of making things by hand–adding your own personal style.