Knit nite at M’s

There is nothing more fun on a cold January night than getting together with friends and having a Knit nite. Throw in a good pot of chili and you have a real party! We all got together last night and showed our skills and our completed items. We even had a fashion show, of sorts.

Its always fun to teach someone new to knit and that is what I got to do with the Princess. She was such a fast learner! She put all of us “older” women to shame. I enjoyed talking about projects we loved and yarn we hated.

I think we all enjoyed just unplugging from the rest of the world and just sitting down, chatting with friends and indulging in some handwork for a couple of hours.

Thanks, M, for a great time and I guess we probably need to thank the King for the chili!

2 responses to “Knit nite at M’s”

  1. LOL! We had SOOOOOO much fun! Or at least I did. It was so relaxing to just kick back, knit, catch up on the gossip and each other’s lives. I can’t wait for the next one.I was quite impressed with the Princess too. She did pick up knitting quickly. But she had a very good teacher…!Here’s to good food, good knitting, and good friends! May we have many more good nights together.


  2. I had a great night visiting and catching up with my friends.I expected Princess to pick up kniting, just like she does with most crafts.The food was great, the friends were fun! I relaxed and kicked back! I worked on a Valentine’s scrapbook for me and King.


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