Terrific Team scarf

I finally found the solution to the earlier scarf problem. In knitting scarves to sell, several people requested some in local school colors. I remember when those were a hot item to wear with your letter jacket. Evidently, they are not available any more. I tried to knit a few in garter stitch using some fancy yarns but I wasn’t happy with the results. Then I remembered a pattern for team scarves in an old magazine article. I stumbled across it and made this one up for my husband. (Go Vols!) It’s a simple knit 1, purl 1 rib on about 40 stitches and 24 rows per color band. All of the samples in the magazine were 2-color, but I think they can be made with a third accent color. There are 15 bands, starting and ending with the base color. Then I made the fringe 2 color instead of the base color like the samples. That’s me. Never one to go by the directions. I always have to be unique somehow. That is the fun of making things by hand–adding your own personal style.

One response to “Terrific Team scarf”

  1. tonya says:

    Very cute! I’m going to have to do this! Wonder what happened to my letter jacket? Oops — it’s in the closet because that was 23 years ago — and my body shape has changed somewhat….Oh well. It’s great!


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